Video Production

Every company has a story to tell, CANWAY will help you tell it through video. Your business primary goals are to reach and engage more customers at times when cost effectiveness is crucial. The best way of achieving that is through video designed for web, mobile devices and large screen displays. Demonstrate your product/services, showcase your experts, present product use cases from the field, engage and educate your customers and employees much quicker and more effective than having them read through heavy and boring text based websites or documentation. In addition video can be easily integrated with your social networking strategies allowing your company to quickly spread your message worldwide.

CANWAY is exclusively equipped to deliver High Definition HD Production & Post Production Services. We use file based processes from production to post production to product delivery. Our internal systems allow us to deal effectively with clients around the world.

At request, we can also include in your projects visual effects, motion graphics and green screen video capture. In order to enhance the typical video look and feel we use a green screen composite that starts with shooting the subject in front of an evenly lit bright green (or blue) background. The captured footage then is sent through the post production phase were the green/blue screen is replaced with a background plate that can be a CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) image or a video footage. Using this technique we can place you or your products virtually in any environment.

In addition to video quality we make sure that audio quality is achieved and maintained through the process of capturing and post production. Audio is one of the most overlooked elements that can make or break your video experience. A voice over artist could be hired to record a new voice over the original one which can further enhance the video experience and reception of your message. In cases where a multilingual reach is required the same technique of voice over could be performed in order to record new languages.

Primarily we deliver the final product in a digital file format following industry standards compression such as H.264 in order to provide best interoperability and integration for web, mobile devices etc.
Other formats may be available upon request.